Election Year

by Mankind X DJH2

With 2016 Presidential Race as a backdrop, Election Year is a colonoscopy of the American Political System that reveals the depth of the proverbial rabbit hole.

Over production by DJH2, Mankind operates with surgical precision, with each track cutting deeper and opening old wounds that needed to be cleaned in order to truly heal.

“Superdelegates” (feat. Baritone McKenzie) takes the Democratic Party to task for shady procedures that allow the DNC to overrule the will of the people. “Independent Party” is a Declaration of independence from any political party. “The Reagan Error” (ft. GypJaQ) unfortunately predicts the rise of Donald Trump through the lens of Ronald Reagan’s Administration and the effects of his policies on our community. “The Black Vote” is a campaign against false promises and unholy political alliances with entities that don’t respect us.