Flying Car Tunes

Produced by DJH2, Flying Car Tunes reimagines your favorite Saturday morning cartoons as certified Hip Hop Bangers. Brian SciryL Henry and Nathaniel !LlumiN@TE Gasque illustrate poignant messages in living color and deliver them with wit and charm of Bugs Bunny. The project’s lead single, “ThunderCats”, was named the # 1 College Radio record in the country.

“TinkerBell” (ft. Gia Shakur) addresses the male Peter Pan syndrome of never wanting to “grow up”. “On “Dexter’s Lab,” Mankind contrasts the children’s cartoon with police brutality and government corruption and on “Inspector Gadget” they take on American foreign policy. “Turtle Power” examines the mastery of self affirmation “Marvin the Martian” (ft. REG) is a spaced out BAR-fest, with each MC going straight for the jugular of the listener. “ThunderCats” finds Mankind trading king of the jungle flows with fellow New Rap Order luminary SupaNova.