Juneteenth [1820-1920]

by Mankind X The Deity Complex

In the duo’s Juneteenth, ManKind creatively depicts many of the issues that were a part of this period in American history over carefully paired tracks, allowing their messages to be digested with relative ease, making for a project that melds education and entertainment in an astute, press-play-and-let-it-rock project.

From post-slavery optimism to the dangers of interracial romance, to the irony of having to pledge allegiance to a country that continued (and continues) to treat African-Americans as second-class citizens, Juneteenth often feels like it is dissecting issues that are more than a hundred years old and yet, disturbingly, still current.

Certainly worthy of eartime, particularly for those who are open to music filled with creative, personal reflections regarding issues of race, identity and politics, Juneteeth — along with the previous historically-themed releases by ManKind — is smart, inventive and fearless hip-hop.

For that, I will always pledge allegiance.

By Manny Faces - June 26, 2017