The Force is Woke

by Mankind X Dj Mekalek

Produced by DJ Mekalek (1/3 of Time Machine), The Force is Woke is a Tour de Force. Brian SciryL Henry and Nathaniel !LlumiN@TE Gasque seamlessly weave current affairs with narratives from a long time ago in a galaxy far far away. Against a musical backdrop that sounds like the military industrial complex , ManKind battle raps imperial forces and the temptation of the Dark-Side

“Attack of the Drones” (ft.Mighty Casey) addresses the deadly foreign policy of the American Empire. “Vader Bombs” (ft. MC K-Swift) is a scathing response to police brutality. “Leia Cake” (ft. Ayana K) explores the polar dynamic between lust and love. “Hope Anew” (ft. REG and Lyle Omolayo) affirms rebellion and resistance as generational sagas. The 12 song project SLAPS with BOOM BAP kicks and snares that seemingly get harder with each track