Trigger Warning!

by Produced by Bred Wondah

Are you Triggered Yet? On their 14th release, Mankind goes Bare Bones.

- No underlining pop culture themes.

- No acapella poems or skits between tracks.

- No singing

- No love songs

Just Beats and Rhymes. Pure and Uncut.

Produced by Bred Wondah, Trigger Warning! takes aim at Hip Hop Heads. Every beat is trying to swallow you whole. Every MC on the project is attempting to knock your head off.

“Alt Facts” (feat. Luce Change) is a TED Talk on the Art of Story Telling. “Hold That!” (feat. Osyris Anthem) is a literal one hitter quitter. “Reigning Bullets (feat. K.W.A.M.E.) is Machine Gun Funk at its finest. At a very compact 10 Tracks, Trigger Warning! gives the listener a full clip of reasons to run it back.