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ManKind is a NYC Based Hip Hop duo consisting of Nathaniel !LLumiN@TE Gasque and Brian SciryL Henry. Our group name is inspired by the hardcore persona of Mick Foley aka Mankind. ManKind is more than music. It’s a way of Life. It’s a Community. It’s collective healing through creation.

We cordially invite you to be apart of

The ManKind Experience.
mankind Painting.jpg
The ManKind Experience is about using popular culture as a vehicle to make social commentary and ultimately create dialogue,” says ManKind member Nathaniel “!LLumiN@TE” Gasque. “The themes of our projects, whether it be wrestling, religion, video games, or space travel, are not means unto themselves. It’s never really about those topics. We use them to address inequality, race relations, socio-economics, sexual politics and the effects they have on humanity and our community.